There’s a safe place for everything, even your finances going overseas.

When you’re moving abroad, you need to know that every one of your belongings is in a secure place for when you need them. The same thing applies to your finances. IFX makes overseas money transfers safe and simple.

Our partnership with IFX provides a service that centres on fully understanding your needs, and working with you to execute the best strategies to meet them.

This is one of the underpinning principles of the IFX service and we have partnered with them to offer our clients an exclusive Currency Management Service.

Whether you are a private or corporate client IFX pride themselves with providing continuity and consistency of service.

Your dedicated consultant will work with you to understand your needs and priorities, establish a clear understanding of your requirements, and deliver a bespoke solution to minimise risk, reduce costs and optimise returns.

By keeping you informed of market trends and developments, and applying insights and expertise, IFX work to execute your trades to your best advantage.


IFX uses advanced systems to process payments through secure channels via international banking partners; efficiently turning round payments and, subject to international time zones and business hours, releasing onward transfers same day in major currency pairs.


Currency markets are notoriously volatile, so, rather than speculate, IFX tailors a bespoke strategy to minimise risk and protect your margins whilst delivering preferential wholesale exchange rates you won’t get from a bank. Use our Bank Rate Comparison tool to compare deals and see for yourself!


Whether you’re buying or selling assets overseas, moving to a new country or moving your money,  IFX can help minimise risk, provide peace of mind, and save you money. Buying and selling overseas assets or moving to a new country can unavoidably exposed you to foreign exchange markets and currency risk. This is especially true for buying overseas property when adverse currency fluctuations between purchase and completion dates can prove extremely costly. IFX can minimise risk associated with foreign exchange transactions, minimise losses, and reduce costs. By monitoring markets for you, offering expert guidance on the best strategy, and getting you the best rates possible, yet discussing your options in straightforward, jargon-free language, IFX will not only save you money but provide much needed peace of mind.