Document Scanning


We offer a Professional Document Scanning service.

Does your office feel like it’s filling up with paper, taking up valuable space. The problem is that in a lot of cases we have to retain the information held on that paper. With a lot of scanned data being admissible in court more and more businesses are scanning that archive of paper. Thus saving on expensive storage, making the data far more accessible and freeing up office space for more profitable uses.

Some key reasons why scanning could be right for your business:

  • Save Space by converting your files to data
  • Save Money on printing and postage costs
  • Security the data is electronically backed
  • Long Term your documents will never deteriorate
  • Efficient by converting your files to data



Confidentiality is paramount when we discuss document scanning. Whether it’s intellectual property or sensitive client information, protection of that information is critical.


We charge roughly £10 per hundred A4 sheets.


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